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Privacy Statement
T.I.P. Technische Industrie Produkte GmbH understands that your privacy and integrity are of the utmost importance, and we have devoted a great deal of effort to ensure that the legal provisions are observed.

Personal Data
In certain circumstances, e.g. when claiming service assistance, T.I.P. Technische Industrie Produkte GmbH may provide you with a form to enter personal information. You are totally free to provide this information or not. We will collect and use your personal information only to process your inquiry correctly.
All data will be treated confidentially. We will save and store you data just for internal usage. T.I.P. Technische Industrie Produkte GmbH does not share user data with third parties. This provision does not apply to service and business partners to which we have to forward data in context with the processing of inquiries. In such cases we will limit the scope of the disclosed data to the required minimum.
Maxima 400 SX
Absolute top-class contractor's pump
Especially designed, particularly solid and strong submersible dirty-water pump for use under very extreme conditions: Emergency drainage, draining of construction-sites and dirty water pits, sewage water handling.
Our assortment
High quality and real value for money have always been in the foreground of the development of our pumps. Our carefully compiled assortment - divided in the two sections PUMPS and POND - allows you to select a product tailored to your specific needs.